Wednesday, June 30, 2010


"Nature" is what we see—
The Hill—the Afternoon—
Squirrel—Eclipse—the Bumble bee—
Nay—Nature is Heaven—
Nature is what we hear—
The Bobolink—the Sea—
Thunder—the Cricket—
Nay—Nature is Harmony—
Nature is what we know—
Yet have no art to say—
So impotent Our Wisdom is
To her Simplicity.

-Emily Dickinson

that being said, i really would like to have a garden gnome in my garden. like i need one. i seriously think that would complete the essence of growing carrots, pumpkins (white and orange) and beans. a gnome. so cute.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

i love....

this boy. he seriously is the cream of the crop, my very best friend. i am so very thankful for this young mans presence in my life, im not sure what i would do without him. he is the funniest person, seriously though. one of his favorite jokes is, "what if my face looked like this?" (insert misshapen face here) then i laugh and say "i would still love you" or... "oh no, i forgot my wallet you're going to have to pay" he does that one just to see my same worried face over and over again. he puts up with and embraces my crazy tendencies... for example, driving the long way to everywhere, wanting to eat out ALWAYS, my obsession with lost, my need to show him the garden i planted and its progress three times a day. he is so handsome, see above photograph. he reads books. he is a spiritual giant, and is one of the most thoughtful people i know. he makes me happy. i am just very thankful for warner dean, and wanted to do a short "shout out". i love you boy.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


dear dad, i like to call you phil. i have never called you daddy, i feel weird when people do that. you have taught me a lot of things. how to have a love for reading, current events, the importance of watching news, cooking without a recipe and keeping it simple, how tv can be a learning experience, and the real life importance of knowing trivia. i always loved when you would draw pictures of snakes and cats for me in sacrament meeting. my weird nature comes directly from you, i have always been appreciative of it. although sometimes i get impatient when you ask me the same question 16 times... i do love you. i look up to you and your knowledge. you are the most intelligent person i know, and you are not even a college graduate--that will always impress me. thank you for making me watch 60 minutes and the history channel all the time, i now have my own love for these channels, and learning. thank you for always pushing me to live up to my abilities, i have always been supported by you. i even remember when i was a young dancer and you saying that i was always the only one that remembered the dance. it probably wasnt true but the confidence instilled in me by you always stuck with me and helped me to develop my skills further. really i am just very grateful for such a great father and friend. i will always remember the nights we spent watching tv together, and the inside jokes that developed from it. i love you dad. happy day.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


now that i actually like the way my blog looks i think ill post more things on it. maybe. ya never know.

sometimes people ask me about good books to read. i dont really know why, but here is a little list of some of the ones i have read and am looking to read this summer. so... just in case some of you want to like read or something--or start a book club (pleassse) then you can read some of these if you want. k.

huck finn. mark twain--i already suggested this so now its a double suggestion
everything is illuminated. johnathon safran foer--im going to read this very soon, and im really excited.
extremely loud and incredibly close. johnathon safran foer--my brother corbin told me to read this years ago, i did and it continues to boggle my mind.
perks of being a wallflower. stephan chbosky--all time favorite. im not guaranteeing its conservative, its about real life.
catcher in the rye. j.d. salinger--probably my second favorite. just soo good.
a seperate peace. john knowles--in the middle of this book, i couldnt put it down on a five hour drive until i got sick. recommended by warner.
lock and key. sara dessen--if you are the kind of person who needs a really girly read and a love story then read this. it will hit the spot for sure. any nicholas sparks book will suffice as well.
walden. henry david thoreau-- its a hard read but seriously funny. this man is crazy, and i love it so much.
water for elephants. sara gruen--i havent finished this one yet, im like 2/3 of the way through cause for some reason i took a break from it. but i have been thinking about it a lot lately and want to finish it. probably cause it is about the circus, and i went to a renaissance fair last weekend and i couldnt stop thinking about how crazy circus' and fairs are.
the motel life. willy vlautin--i randomly chose this book for one of my classes two semesters ago and it has turned out to be one of those books that i think back on quite often. thats when you know its a good book.

ok thats enough for now. i hope someone at least reads one of these. cause they are seriously good books, and they should be read.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


favorite picture from a great weekend

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


last night this kid...
showed up at my door with this...
to be played on this...

i have the best boyfriend in the wooooorld. he bought it for us to share, even though i have been whining about wanting one and being annoying HE STILL GOT IT. luckiest girl. it sounds amazing, it's also a five in one so we can pretty much listen to music in any way possible. im a little obsessed...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

cup n cakes

see i'm already posting again, this is almost embarrassing. i made these cupcakes for my friend kiana's bridal shower a couple of weeks ago. her new last name is McAllister, thus the M inside the cookies. honestly... i do not reccomend this martha recreation--it took me and my friend ashley four hours of non stop cooking to finish these... it was quite the feat. anyways here are some pictures of the cupcakes, the bride and the guests.

king of kong

so my mom said to me yesterday "you haven't written on your blog in a while." i replied, "i have nothing to write." well that was a total lie... i have one million things to write--i just can't decide which things to write about. my mind has been consumed with nintendo games lately, warner has mario on the wii and we stayed up till 1:30 last night playing together. like i know how that happened. he also got the ooooold super nintendo donkey kong country and it time warped me back in time to my childhood. i got a little bit crazy though when i couldn't beat the stupid mine level, then when i finally did i died right after. that's when i realized i had to stop playing or things were going to get crazy.

i guess thats just all i have to say at this moment. i'll update more regularly... for you karla. and maybe i'll add photos next time. k bye.