Saturday, August 28, 2010


dont you guys hate when people brag about how great their lives are? well im gonna do that right now... so if you dont like it then stop reading. k but really i just feel like the luckiest girl--to get the best boy there is. everything pertaining to the wedding is starting to fall into place, and that is the best thing i could ever ask for. (special thanks to karla) we even found a place to live, a very small space, but the rent cannot be beaten. in case you were wondering i still have those bumps on my shin... but im starting to get used to them, like they are a part of me. i might be a little sad to see them go, if they ever decide to.
school started. i debated writing all the things i hate about school and uvu, but i think ill skip that for this time. except i will talk about how annoying english majors are. there cannot be a worse group of "know it alls". seriously. i also wont forget to mention how i avoided all contact with math for 5 years, but i couldnt keep it in the closet forever, and now its very much a part of my life. an hour and a half of math every monday, tuesday and thursday should make for an interesting semester filled with hate and negative feelings. BUT a plus side to school is that warner and i found some notebook paper made from STONE. it is honestly made from stone, no trees were killed for it. the writing experience is spectacular.
has anyone else noticed that wingers is not as good as it used to be? i sure have.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


so this probably doesnt come as a surprise to many people but warner and i are engaged!! its very cliche... but i can honestly say it was worth the wait. we have known each other and been friends since 8th grade. we became best friends in high school, and started to date our senior year. its been a roller coaster ever since, and i suppose you could say we have been dating on and off for five years. warner is an incredible boy-i have never met anyone like him, and i know i never will. you guys that read this probably wanna know how he asked me... so here it goes. no he didn't do any of that generic romantic crap like put the ring in a drink, or in my pasta... he didn't spell out "will you marry me" in different kinds of food, and he didnt take me up in some hot air balloon. (if these things happened to you please don't take offense, it just is not my style at all) he took me to the park where we first held hands... where we first said i love you... where we first saw each other after two years of being apart. it was fitting thats for sure. he did an amazing job, told me the nicest things, and he even got on one knee. he asked, and i said yes. he also got me the exact ring i wanted made for me... it couldnt be more perfect. so there you go, i would take this engagement over accidentally swallowing my ring any day. i love you warner, cannot wait until october 22nd.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

mystery bumps

so some of you may know that i have been sick for like a week and a half. weirdest mixture of symptoms ever. throat, chest, back pain, throwing up, fever, headache, congestion... and now i have mystery bumps on my right shin! not only one... or two... but three! i went to the doctor today, and of course he gave me antibiotics. they always give me antibiotics. anyways... the bumps still remain, no one knows what they are... and they are starting to freak me out. like maybe i have west nile.. or that (this would be the worst thing ever) a spider possibly climbed in my bed and bit me three times. i would like die, and probably never sleep in my bed again. k thats all.. if any of you have ever had any weird bumps you can tell me about it and maybe we have the same thing.

other than that things have been good, i spent a good amount of time in bed doing whatever i want. im always ok with that.

Friday, August 13, 2010