Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the countdown begins

and so it begins... four days until the fourth of July, fireworks, BBQs, swimming, fireworks, american flags, patriotism and the JONAS BROTHERS.

I couldnt be happier about the fact that i am going to the stadium of fire, and seeing the Jonas Brothers as up close and as personal as possible. It'll be a good day. AND only ten days until i am in paradise.

Look at that. I will be one of those specks on the beach in just ten short days. I am going to Hawaii with my friend Ashley that i work with. Pictured below is on of the paper chains we made to countdown the trip.

I can't think of anything besides these two things, what am i going to do when they have come and gone? Eh, i'm not too worried about it. aloha.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


All Melissa and I ever do these days is watch 48 Hours, Dateline, and Snapped. When I say thats all we do, i'm not kidding. Our DVR is filled to the brim with them, and we stay up till 3 in the morning watching. There is something about a good murder mystery that just keeps us on our toes.. our favorite part is the discussion we have with each other about who is guilty and not guilty during commercial breaks. Dont worry about it, i have attached a link to a little snipit of a way good 48 hours here. You're welcome.


Monday, June 22, 2009

on my mind

So lately ALL i have been able to think about it going to Disneyland. Why? Don't ask me... I haven't the slightest. Maybe its cause i haven't been for two summers and i am missing it. Who knows... But the thought of Space Mountain has been keeping me up at night. I long for the stagnant smell of water in Pirates of the Caribbean. I am in NEED of a photo of me and my loved ones on Splash Mountain... When will i get to go to Disneyland?!

Alllllllllso, some of you may or may not know. But for the last little while i have wanted a perm, with my short hair, so i can have a fro. I have told dearest Melissa this several times, and she thinks i am crazy. Therefore, instead of me permantly fro-ing my hair, she said she would do a reinactment on me. Friday, june 19 this occured...

Me--very happy to have a fro.

Me and Mel (creator of the fro)
Overall I think it was a success... Although i might wait a little while till i make it permanent. I'm not sure if i could handle constant judgement like i recieved last friday night. I swear i have NEVER had that many dirty looks, and pretend-back-cracking to "check out that girls fro" scenarios in one night. It was pretty discouraging, I just had to tell myself they were doing that cause it looked ridiculously good, curled bangs and all. Instead i decided to go with a steep a-line. I'm boring.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am grateful to the blogging world for giving me something to read at work.
I am grateful to youtube for allowing me to see little kids do hoodrat stuff.
I am grateful to Facebook for allowing me hours of nonsense while at work
I am grateful to Twitter for allowing me to see what celebrities do all day
I am grateful to Blue Lily Photography for letting me look at awesome pictures all day.

I am just really grateful...

Monday, June 15, 2009

horse cake

"do you have horse stuff?"

This is number two of the horse cake saga, unfortunately i did not take a snap shot of number one. If anyone ever needs horse cake, or cake in the shape of a horse rather... you know who to call. They are getting better and better with every try.

(golden vanilla cake, with homemade chocolate frosting)

Monday, June 8, 2009

things i have learned since moving out..

toilet paper is NOT never ending... it actually goes by quite fast.

budgeting is a real thing.

grocery shopping takes serious time and planning, and i should not go while starving, or right after eating del taco

dishes really aren't that bad... but i still hate doing them

DVR is amazing

spending a whole pay check on a plane ticket to Hawaii means no eating for 3 weeks.

karla's homemade dinner is really, really good.

smart ones are only two dollars at target.

i dont drink enough water, and apparently i love V8 juice.

garbage fills up fast, and i should not wait till im gagging every time i walk in my house to take it out.

soy milk lasts longer than normal milk. (its better too)

bracelet making parties till 3 am, are my best day.

i need to become a proffesional "coupon clipper"

dont put the wrong lightbulb in an IKEA lamp...............

More to come im sure, if i'm still alive next month.

Monday, June 1, 2009

g to the second power

Gossip Girl is currently my favorite show, i can't seem to follow any shows these days... but somehow i manage to keep up with this one. Even if it means purchasing it on itunes, I need my fill of drama. Anyways, the season finale was pretty remarkable... mostly just because i have been waiting for Chuck and Blair to get it together like all year. If you haven't watched... do it.
Just a little snapshot of Chuck for your pleasure.