Tuesday, April 28, 2009

creepin and crawlin

i hate spiders. i hate hate them. last night as i was just getting ready for bed i spotted a black spot on my wall... i always get terrified when that happens. i got close enough to see it was living and i jumped about ten feet in the air to get away from it and my first reaction was to grab my can of hairspray. (i didnt even know i had hairspray) I am pretty sure i sprayed that spider so it would have enough tight, volumizing, lift for three years... but apparently it wasnt enough. as i went to wipe up the creature it was STILL ALIVE! it crawled on the tissue and ALMOST ON MY HAND. yeah i screamed, screamed like i never have before and just chucked it in the direction of the toilet. lucklily i made it in. i guess it was all those years in jr. jazz coming into good use. apart from my blood pressure being high the rest of the day.. i was fine after it was finally flushed.

ps. im moving friday. who wants to help?

Monday, April 20, 2009

im in love...

with SPRINGTIME! tricked you. k maybe not. just pretend though. i havent been this joyful and happy since September of last year, yes its true, the temperature has risen! finally, everything has started to look up. im pretty sure that yesterday i found any and every excuse to be outside. i walked home from church (not too unsucessfully, even though i havent walked that far in heels since prom 07), i then proceeded to force my cat outside after many scratches and a few swear words i made it happen. the poor thing has been terrified to go outside cause of the bully cats next door, we played--well, i played in the grass for about two hours, and i observed my family bbq. corbin that salmon wasnt too bad, even though im not the biggest fan... also i cannot wait for the ribs. i was forced inside for dinner, but i quickly rushed back outside like a youngster running to night games around the neighborhood, and hopped on my new, amazing, purple, Mercier bicycle and rode to my grandmothers house with my sister in law lindey, whom has a pretty sweet beach cruise if i may say so myself, i may or may not have had something to do with picking it out. summer of cream--more to come on that subject. anyways, after that visit i went on a little longboarding venture on the provo river trail which was just fantastic. i forgot how magnificant it feels to have the wind blowing in your hair as your cruising through the KOA trailer park. SIDE NOTE: i would love to know why it is that everyone magically becomes way way friendly once you set foot on a trail. it doesnt matter what trail it is, all a sudden everyone is happy to see everyone and willing to talk to any stranger. Anyways, that was my fabulous sunday, as you an see i am more than happy to see that spring/summer is coming back into my life. here are some outdated BUT fairly revelent photos.

Friday, April 17, 2009

simple little pictures

over the past few months, several sinple little pictures have been taken of melis and i, susanna as well. in my opinion they need no further explanation. please do enjoy..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

starting out anew

So I have decided to go at this blogging thing alone. I had a blog with my friend allison, and its fantastic.. but i think i might be ready to go solo. Basically all that is on my mind is the fact that it snowed today... probably ten inches. I dont know, i cant really think too much about it. The only thing i cant comprehend is how i had an amazing time this past EASTER sunday sidewalk chalking in amazing weather, short sleeved shirt and all... and today it has been blizzarding non-stop... and i was wearing a winter coat, gloves, scarf and heavy duty boots.

Here are a few photos... hopefully they will cheer you and I both up a little. At least until mother nature decides to be kind again.