Sunday, May 16, 2010


went with warner and his friends skeet shooting. i didn't hit any skeet, but i did get a good solid bruise on my shoulder. waaay fun and funny. here are some pictures and a vid. i couldn't help but scream every time.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


i found my dream hammock today. i have been searching for years for a great hammock and i finally found one! i wont picture it here cause if one of you gets it before i do i might cry or do something crazy. but i will put it on once i purchase it... which i will do... after i get paid. haaa. i found a few other things i want to get too... like the breast cancer kobe V nike shoes, and some of the many duvet covers that Urban Outfitters has, but... im sorta embarrassed by my online shopping problem. hey, i don't have a credit card though so i guess its not that big of a problem right? please tell me it isn't. k anyways, just had to share. summer is the best cause it allows me to get things like hammocks and use them, i sure missed you.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

dear mom

it's mom's day, and i would like to say a few things about my dear mother. mom... you are patient, and i appreciate that greatly. i know i say that our family was raised on television, and though tv did teach me some very valuable life lessons... you taught me respect, diligence, kindness, and to be grateful for what i have been given. i have always felt loved--and i have never been neglected. you sat through the endlessly long dance competitions every single time, even if it was to only see me dance a few times... and watching all the other train wrecks on stage. never once did you complain or regret being there for me. i appreciate all the opportunities i have been given through you and dad, all the trips that were funded by you and fought for by you. thank you for the fundraisers you went to in my place because i was off doing some other lesson or competition. (i know the grease burns from grilling hamburgers at BYU halftimes will be with you forever, so really.. thanks) thank you for always encouraging me to continue my education, it was never a question whether i was going to go to college or not, because i saw my mother strive for an education and a career of her own. thank you for all the glasses of water you have gotten for me, and all of the meals you have cooked. thank you for cleaning my room and folding all my clothes because i dont believe in folding. mostly i am just thankful for you and the example you have always been to me and our entire family. love you mom, go to nordstrom and buy some good jeans.

Monday, May 3, 2010


7 hours straight, no break, no lunch. i know, i know, people do it all the time. but im not used to it, and i think im going a little insane. i am having to break my days up into segments. every two hours i make myself get up and walk around... bathroom, fax stuff, print stuff, take post-its to the sample request folder. the first few hours really aren't that bad, the worst part is at 3 o clock. 2 hours left, everyone is gone and there are no calls. i have already been on facebook for way longer than i can handle, and twitter is beginning to look more and more appetizing. (worst website) this is the two hour time span when my online shopping addiction comes out with its sharpened claws and tears apart my wallet. anthropologie.....urban.....victorias secret(their swimsuit sale emails are SO convincing)....and the list goes on. this is also the time when i have already eaten the strawberries i brought and thought would be enough for me to get through the day with at 9:45 this morning. they weren't enough. i want real food. chicken fila preferably. oh well, instead i just look up recipes for food i will probably never cook. i guess i'll go pack some stuff now, or read... even though i get interrupted every two sentences cause i am incapable of reading with noise around. i just flicked my headset into my open eye. cooooooool.