Monday, December 21, 2009

winter song

for some reason i haven't really had much to say on here lately... which is unusual i guess. i finished school and now my mind is like exploding because there is so much free space in there. i often find myself wandering around not knowing what to do... and im still working full time. it's a really very strange feeling.

christmas is the best, cannot wait for it. i decided my favorite christmas treat are those homemade caramels that all my parents neighbors have brought around for gifts. those are seriously so good, someone teach me how to make them.

i dont know why i ever get white tip gel nails, i always end up regretting it because i cant do anything. texting is impossible, my typing is error filled, and i cannot open anything with packaging. also i like freak out after two weeks and just rip them off, last time i bit one in half...

this post is pretty boring. crap. here is this nice picture.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

mission accomplished

so i finally finished the ten page paper that has been haunting my nightmares for the last three months. a critical approach to a novel chosen from a list my professor gave us... yeah, doing no research i just chose the title that looked most interesting. boy did i luck out, the book i read was The Motel Life by Willy Vlautin--strongly suggest it. anyways, im more than fairly proud of my paper that i wrote in one sitting within 5-6 hours. yeah. im a good student. one more week of finals, pray that i make it through.

over and out.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

all about melissa

ok yeah, so the title is a spin off of that awful sandra bullock movie that made me hate her until i saw blind side... BUT this is going to be a good post, because it is about my bff melis.

today is that dear girls birthday, the big 22. (melissa don't stress, it's really not that big) so mel and i have only been close friendz for about a year, but i feel like i have known her for a lifetime. she is such a sweet spirited person, who only wants what is good for the people around her. she is pretty much zero percent confrontational, and is always trying to make things ok between everyone. she is one of the hardest workers i know, and it always blows my mind that she is almost done with all her school, and has worked full time the entire way; still with the motivation she started with. i am also often amazing with her ability to not hold grudges, she is really upset/mad for like an hour or two, then she is able to let it go without holding anything against anyone. i am very envious of that quality that comes to her so naturally. melissa is funny, like way funny. our breaks together at school are always the best because we end up coming up with some ridiculous story that makes no sense at all but we will both be stumbling around the hallways laughing so hard we can't even see straight. all you need is someone to laugh at your jokes, i laugh at hers, she laughs at mine. she is also GORGEOUS, like seriously, lets get real. she gets dudez. i am so blessed to have a friend like melissa, who i know would stand by me through whatever.

happy birthday mel-is, twenty two is a great number... its a double! looooove you.

long live ma'am.