Monday, November 15, 2010


hey guys. new blog. go there not here. kthanks.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

family honor

A mercer: (occupation) is a merchant or trader, more specifically a merchant who deals in textiles / mercer

It means a great deal to be a Mercer, and I will be sad to give it up. BUT, I am also excited to gain a new last name. ali jarman. weird.

nevertheless, I will miss my last name...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


thank you rain for coming on the day of my bridals. sooooo not happy with you. something good better happen or i'm going to turn full fledged bridezilla. no one wants to see that.

:( :( :( :( :(

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

like i even know

so for some reason fantasy has been on my mind lately. actually i do know why... i have been reading a ton of fantasy and sci-fi stuff in my classes lately. annnnnyway. i watched harry potter last night, and i forced warner to watch the twilight movies for cultural reasons (i seriously think its important to have seen them because thats all people talk about, and you have to be able to get the jokes. haaa), we even had presentations in my classes on J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien on the same day. a girl in my class even made butter beer--for real, it was pretty cool. im just wondering what draws people into these stories and books. i mean, as much as i would like to say i hate twilight and the vampire following cult... i read two of the books, and i love the show Vampire Diaries with a passion. then there is my friend anna who believes she is in fact a wizard and that her parents threw away her letter from Hogwarts. i think i just wanted to talk about this... i don't really have a conclusion. just please tell me i'm not the only person who wonders why people love this stuff, including why i do..?

ps. i made a goblet of fire last night for my class.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

b of h

i wish so much that right now i could be telling tales of how amazing Band of Horses was last night (which im positive they were), but instead i'm telling the story of why i missed them.

you see warner and i were in the third row of the venue last night patiently waiting for b of h to come on... we watched the first band (funniest drummer ever, seriously the epideme of an open mouth, drum playing doofus) so that was fun. then the second band came on, they looked like backstage workers, but thats beside the point. i started to feel a little woozy during this band, and i knew i should sit down but i refused to give up the awesome spot we had, and i was actually enjoying fighting off some idiot girls that tried to steal it. so i toughed it out for a few minutes, then i started to sway around in circles and i knew i had to say something to warner.

"i feel sick... i think im going to pass out"

warner said let's go immediately after. we started walking out and my eyes shut, i couldn't open them if i had to in order to save my life. i was holding on to warners back and then my feet began to shuffle and i was dragging behind him. (i was out of it but apparently he carried me about twenty feet out of the crowd) this is the point where my hearing went weird and all i could hear was echoes. "can i get some help" i heard from a voice that sounded like warners, and then next thing i knew i was on the ground, someone was checking if i was breathing and i was trying to open my eyes with everything i had. finally i got them open and there were people all around me, some girl was asking what i had been drinking, or if i was on drugs. haa. that seriously is laughable. but at least then i would have had a reason to pass out.

the girl got me water, warner was like craddling me, and i was not worried at all about the fact that i was laying on the most disgusting floor there ever was. luckily the only injury i got was from some idiot that stepped on my knee, other than that im perfectly fine, and after about an hour i was in tip top shape all together. weirdest experience. oh and we totally ditched the ambulance that was called for me... is that awful? i didnt want to pay for it! but the saddest part about this whole thing is that we missed band of horses. that is seriously the worst part about it all... i feel so awful for ruining warner's great present too. so i will now leave you with a little taste of what everyone should have been able to experience last night.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


little did i know that it was so natural to become a bridezilla once you are planning a wedding. i have tried to restrain myself, but when it comes to all things wedding i become a different person. i turn a little green, my biceps grow a lot and it even rips the sleeves off my shirt--it's an interesting experience. regardless, i think someone should invent a medication for diagnosed bridezilla's. (don't worry, i have yet to get as bad as those brides on the WETV show "bridezillas" i love so much)

in other news... fall is here! i am totally loving it. as all of you are i am sure. also, today is an extra best day because warner is a sweetheart and got us tickets to see band of horses. i am out of my mind excited, best band.

if i get like this around you i give you full permission to slap me across the face

Thursday, September 9, 2010

yay yay yeah!

we got our engagements the other day! who knew they could be so fun? our photographer is rebekah westover and i couldnt be more excited! my one request with this whole wedding business was that we could have rebekah do our photographs. karla made it happen, thank you, thank you! it was a beautiful day, and hopefully warner and i didn't cast too many fake smiles.

all i do these days besides plan this wedding is read. i guess thats what i get for choosing to be an english major. woooo. im still trying to recover after reading go ask alice in my adolescent lit class. worst.

lastly.. i have a newfound love for blogs. i entered a giveaway (i never enter these cause i have the worst luck ever) and i WON! thank you the cinderella project for the 150 dollar gift card to williams sonoma. now i just have to decide what to get!

things are good and great. here is just a happy photo.