Thursday, September 9, 2010

yay yay yeah!

we got our engagements the other day! who knew they could be so fun? our photographer is rebekah westover and i couldnt be more excited! my one request with this whole wedding business was that we could have rebekah do our photographs. karla made it happen, thank you, thank you! it was a beautiful day, and hopefully warner and i didn't cast too many fake smiles.

all i do these days besides plan this wedding is read. i guess thats what i get for choosing to be an english major. woooo. im still trying to recover after reading go ask alice in my adolescent lit class. worst.

lastly.. i have a newfound love for blogs. i entered a giveaway (i never enter these cause i have the worst luck ever) and i WON! thank you the cinderella project for the 150 dollar gift card to williams sonoma. now i just have to decide what to get!

things are good and great. here is just a happy photo.

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