Tuesday, September 28, 2010


little did i know that it was so natural to become a bridezilla once you are planning a wedding. i have tried to restrain myself, but when it comes to all things wedding i become a different person. i turn a little green, my biceps grow a lot and it even rips the sleeves off my shirt--it's an interesting experience. regardless, i think someone should invent a medication for diagnosed bridezilla's. (don't worry, i have yet to get as bad as those brides on the WETV show "bridezillas" i love so much)

in other news... fall is here! i am totally loving it. as all of you are i am sure. also, today is an extra best day because warner is a sweetheart and got us tickets to see band of horses. i am out of my mind excited, best band.

if i get like this around you i give you full permission to slap me across the face


  1. hahaha. i secretly hope you go bridezilla on me. i would love to see you be crazy.

    also. soooooooooooooo jealous about band of horses. they are amazing in concert. you will probs pass out. don't worry.

  2. me: i would never slap you
    Ali: haha i know
    me: jeeze
    Sent at 2:52 PM on Tuesday
    me: love youuuu
    Sent at 2:53 PM on Tuesday
    Ali: love you also
    Sent at 2:54 PM on Tuesday
    me: you're cutest
    Sent at 2:57 PM on Tuesday
    Sent at 3:00 PM on Tuesday
    Ali: my tongue is like hurting
    like it got burnt or something
    Sent at 3:02 PM on Tuesday
    me: whaaa?
    what from
    Sent at 3:03 PM on Tuesday
    Ali: i havent the slightest
    Sent at 3:05 PM on Tuesday
    me: what about the foggiest?
    Ali: yeah that too
    me: oh dear
    Sent at 3:07 PM on Tuesday
    Ali: we need to stop by and pick up some pictures from rebekahs house tonight sometime
    me: uhh when would we be able to do that?
    Sent at 3:11 PM on Tuesday
    Ali: after the concert probably
    they are just on her porch
    me: ok
    hope it doesnt rain
    Ali: they are in a box
    Sent at 3:14 PM on Tuesday
    me: lets hope there isn't a fire
    Ali: oh goodness
    Sent at 3:15 PM on Tuesday
    me: :)
    Sent at 3:19 PM on Tuesday